Comparison between ‘Why i want a wife’ and ‘Stay at home dads’

The story called ‘Why i want a wife’ is actually is not like a story. In my opinion it’s more like a wish list for a man. It could be really annoying if you are woman and you believe in feminism. It reflects gender roles in a society in conventional style. If we were in 50’s or 60’s it could be aceptable but in our time i do not think there is a woman wants that kind of life. The story called ‘Stay at home dads’ seems different to me but it has good points. However i beleive that a dad must not be at home; it is against the nature. Woman and man must share all things in a family. Furthermore, a family must not reflect gender roles directly to a society.

Comments on ‘the Chrysanthemums’

The story is a third person narrative and about a farmer family. In the story, individuals can see gender roles with the relationship between Henry and Elisa. The most important plot in the story is which Elisa and some kind of traveller man met. He shows his interest to her chrysanthemums. I strongly believe that it is a kind of symbolism. She also looks to herself in the mirror and she says “different, strong and happy.” “I’m strong,”  “I never knew before how strong.”we can indicate that she has lack of self – confidence.

Comments on ‘No name woman’

The story is a both first person and third person narrative. Due to author of the book is an asian-american she defines the cultural differences between two cultures.(american and chineese) We can say that, family values may change between two cultures after we read the story. She basically tells about a story that a woman be pregnant from another guy when her husband was in abroad for making money. Then, all village harm her home because of what she did. Her suicide symbolises many things in chineese culture, the author of the book defines it with a spiritual language in the text.

Comments on ‘Beauty: When the other dancer is the self’

The text is written in first person narrative. The author is directly in the story and one of its characters. Furthermore, story mainly focuses on gender issues. For instance, in the story author says ‘It was great fun being cute. But then one day it ended.’ or ‘I can tell they admire my dress, but it is my spirit, bordering on sasiness(womanishness) they secretly applaud.’ Writer also tell the hardships when her eye become seriously injured. It affects her social life badly when she was a child. The author’s mother also plays a different role for defining gender issues in the story.

Outline for RP

Basically, my arguement is ‘Alternative fuels need to be researched for motor vehicles because they have many advantages.’ I choose this arguement because in many sources there are so many things about vehicles when individuals think about alternative fuels.(Emissions etc.) I will introduce alternative fuels firstly(there are many of them for example, biodisel), then i will briefly compare normal fuels emissions with alternative fuel emisions. To put it other words, i will state environmental advantages of alternative fuels. Consequently, people’s ideas need to be stated about alternative fuels because ideas of people can be used as proofs. (advantages of alternative fuels) Then economic facts of alternative fuels need to be stated. The most problematic part of the arguement is i think this part because alternative fuels can be cheaper than other fuels but their mechanical systems requires more expensive parts so they have both advantages and disadvantages. I will be focused on advantages.

Few sources about alternative fuels…

The first step for my rp was finding two academic articles about alternative fuels. One of them is a book called ‘Alternative Fuels’ by Sunggyu Lee. Other article is called ‘Life cycle model of alternative fuel vehicles: emissions, energy, and cost trade-o€s’ by Jeremy Hackney and Richard de Neufville. The reasons why i choose these texts are they’re both related to my topic and they both contain what i want to say about alternative fuels.( Economic, environmental, geopolitical..) Basically, the article wich is a short one about 24 pages contains comparisons of emmisions, costs, and energy eciency trade-o€s of alternative fuel vehicles (AFV) through the fuel production chain and over a vehicle lifetime. The book about alternative fuels by Sunggyu Lee is very detailed and it evaluates many things about alternative fuels. To sum up, i will use these texts for supporting ideas about development of alternative fuels and i will try to answer the rp question accurately. The rp question can be changed if there is more texts about same specific topic and then, i would found better arguements about specific topics.

Is there a need to research, invest in and develop alternative fuels?

In the world, people are using fuels for many reasons. For instance, fuels may be used in industry, for heat, or other reasons. Furthermore, people are getting used to use conventional fuels such as fossil fuels (petroleum, coal, propane and natural gas) and nuclear materials such as uranium. However, there are alternative fuels too. There is a need to research alternative fuels. What’s more, this is due to general environmental, economic, and geopolitical concerns of sustainability.  Since burning fossil fuels are known to increase greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere, they are a likely contributor to global warming. To put it in other words, alternative fuels are becoming popular because of the many bad effects of conventional fuels.

Roles In Family

Family may seems like a basic thing generally. However, it is complicated and obviously a different social instutituon. In history there are many types of families. For instance, father or oldest man in the family symbolizes the power, wiseness, leadership etc. Secondly mother symbolizes feminity, maternity etc. Today, relationships between family members have many differences. Parents share their things equally and they make decisions together. I strongly beleive that, authority in one hand in a family will be harmful for family members and their relationships. In my family we usually decide everything together however, sometimes conflicts are occuring. All in all, the authority must not be one of the member of the family.

The Role Of The Family In Society

Family is one of the most important thing in a soicety. When couples are ready to engage themselves with marriage they might think that society’s opinion for themselves has an essential role in their relationship. What’s more, people do not always think that living together with a single man or woman is a right thing. There are many reasons for being a family rather than being not. Family has important values in itself such as, if a person is in a normal family and hasn’t got any homosexual or lesbian children(!) his or her life would be good and planned. On the other hand, being a family is not as important in society as it is in old times. People thinks more liberally recently. It seems harmful for the family instutituon but it also has positive effects on people. In my opinion, family instution has a big role in society but if individuals haven’t got enough responsibility for marriage or being a family, bad affects of being a family may occur.

Comments on ‘ The Enormous Radio ‘

The story is third person narrative. The characters in this story is not rounded; author of the story mostly focuses on the situations and relationships between them. The radio in the story, seems to symbolize that the family of Irene has the same problems like other families which they hear from the radio or it makes them(irene’s family) to interrogate theirselves about similar problems(hypercritical, worried about money, dishonesty) which they hear from the radio. All in all, the story is a good attempt for the author, because it merely defines many things without using complicated language.