Comments on ‘The Bridegroom’

The story is about a homosexual man, an adopted girl and their marriage. Author of the story uses first-person narrative.(Girl’s father is narrating the story.) There are many actions in the story and they were described basicly by the author. The scenes in the story are not important as situations and characters. Story has a weird content indeed. I strongly beleive that the author tries to express different feelings in human life. What’s more, the end of the story is obviously considerable and this story is not a good attempt for a writer.

3 thoughts on “Comments on ‘The Bridegroom’

  1. When you write you blog can you give more of an idea about what you are thinking- what do you mean about the end of the story being ‘considerable’ and why do you think that the story is ‘not a good attempt’?

  2. I tried to say that, the end of the story is predictable not considerable:). It is not a good attempt because i think that the author of the story only writes the situations and the story hasn’t got something artistic.

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