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Basically, my arguement is ‘Alternative fuels need to be researched for motor vehicles because they have many advantages.’ I choose this arguement because in many sources there are so many things about vehicles when individuals think about alternative fuels.(Emissions etc.) I will introduce alternative fuels firstly(there are many of them for example, biodisel), then i will briefly compare normal fuels emissions with alternative fuel emisions. To put it other words, i will state environmental advantages of alternative fuels. Consequently, people’s ideas need to be stated about alternative fuels because ideas of people can be used as proofs. (advantages of alternative fuels) Then economic facts of alternative fuels need to be stated. The most problematic part of the arguement is i think this part because alternative fuels can be cheaper than other fuels but their mechanical systems requires more expensive parts so they have both advantages and disadvantages. I will be focused on advantages.

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  1. i think your research paper will be well supported because you have pointed on especially strict advantages as I did, you just need to support them with tough references. You have an argument but its not specific. I think you should make it clear more than just saying advantages. In my opinion your research paper will be okey because you putted the ideas in order so the reader can guess what you are going to write about. So, as a result it seems that your research paper will be sufficiently comprehensive. Good Luck! =)

  2. This looks okay but you need to write more specifically so that I can give you more focussed feedback (you need a more specific thesis- to say that there are advantages doesn’t really help you argument. You may focus on the advantages but you need to deal with the drawbacks as well, otherwise your argument will be too weak. If you can find ways to overcome the drawbacks all the better for the strength of your argument. I think you could state the specific advantages in your thesis and then each of the paragraphs can develop these ideas and then maybe the last paragraph could deal with problems (depending on how many problems there are). Good.

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